Available Instruments

This chapter explains how to get a list of tradable instruments in REPO/Lend. By making a call to this EndPoint, you will be able to filter the list of available Instruments to your topics of interest.

A useful filter is to specify the "underlying" Instruments of interest e.g. "list of all Instruments with BTC/EUR as Underlying". another useful filter is the tenor of interest, specifying the "SecurityGroup" like ID = Intra-day to receive all the Intra-day Repo tradeable Instruments.

Combinations of filters are possible, so it might be best to start with a raw list and refine with a second, curated call.


Note that to minimise operations work during week-ends like in FX, ON Repo (Overnight) on Fridays are 3-day Repo spanning over the week-end.

An ID Repo traded on Saturday will have its Far_Leg maturing on Monday at 5pm NY. To clarify the "session" concept, make a TradingSessionListRequest REST call to this EndPoint and receive the current and future Sessions you can trade.

The active Instruments in each Session will be listed (next chapter) when filtering using the current session.