REPO/Lend is a platform that allows exchange users to BUY/SELL Crypto/Fiat or Crypto/Crypto pairs to effectively borrow one asset and give the other as collateral.

Crypto REPOs operate similarly to a fully collateralized “Repurchase Agreement” in Equities or Fixed Income instruments.
One BUYs and SELLs a Currency pair at the same time on 2 different value dates. The Near_Leg being immediately settled (Intra-day repo) or today at EoD, the second either Tomorrow 5pm NY, one or 2 weeks ahead.


This trade unwinds itself with a pre-agreed price difference (REPO traded price) which equates to an interest payment.

Why use REPO/Lend

An exchange user who possesses unused inventory of Crypto or Fiat may want to capture yield by lending it to the market. By offering one’s unused balances on XCDE, an anonymous market counterparty can borrow and pay an interest in the form of a “BUY/SELL” price difference.

With a Crypto REPO, users can borrow, lend or rollover their leveraged positions against anonymous counterparties. FXCH clearing mitigates risks by supervising collateral from all parties and simplify the settlements.

API connectivity

XCDE has operated REPO/Lend for over 2 years in a Web-only form, but recently decided to release access to the market via API.
Our choice is a set of REST and Websocket end-points replicating the battle-tested FIX protocol messages and workflows.

Please register and get in touch if you are interested to explore and test these End-points with your trading app.

REPO/Lend API documentation